Our Services

Underground Utility Locating

  • DBYD Certified Locating Organisation (CLO)
  • Optus certified Locator
  • AS5488.1-2019 compliant
  • GPS RTK positioning & ArcGIS map

Deal with the experts in underground locating services.

Using various non destructive technologies and skilled surveying technicians, we are able to accurately pinpoint the location of all types of buried pipes including gas, sewer, storm water and other plumbing & water supplies such as underground storage tanks (UST). Communication, optical fiber cables, and electrical power cables also fall within the scope of our fully accredited services.

Ground Penetrating Radar

  • IDS Duo Georadar (2 x channel radar)
  • Competent GPR technicians
  • Advanced analysis


Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a relatively fast technique for remotely detecting buried objects. Radiowaves are sent into the ground and are reflected, refracted or absorbed by buried objects. A receiver antenna detects and records the time taken for signals to be reflected back to the surface, which can then be used to determine the depth to the reflective feature below the ground.

Non Destructive Excavation – Potholing – Drain Cleaning

  • Hydro vacuum excavation
  • High Pressure Water Jetting for pipes > D.300
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Potholing
  • Trenching
  • Post Holes & Footings
  • Drilling mud extraction

Non destructive vacuum excavation.

Civilscan provides our vacuum excavation services at competitive rates and when combined with our precise utility locating services we quickly & safely uncover buried utilities and transport the waste material to be disposed offsite at a licensed waste disposal facility.

Civilscan provides high pressure water jetting services to clean out pipes & pits for cctv pipe inspections & general drain cleaning operations

Concrete Scanning

  • Hilti PS1000 System (3-D)


Our concrete scanning services offers real-time on-demand reporting for depth of cover, rebar mapping, core location marking, electrical hazard avoidance etc.

CCTV Inspections

  • Push rod & tractor cameras inspections from 150mm to 1500mm pipes
  • Sewer & Stormwater
  • WSAA05 Conduit Inspection & Reporting
  • WSAA05 Supervise & Report on conduit inspections.


A CCTV Pipe Inspection is the internal inspection of an underground pipe, typcally a gravity sewer or stormwater pipe using CCTV equipment. CCTV stands for Closed Circuit TeleVision.

Project Management

  • Developing QMS (ISO9001-2015)
  • Data management. All original data (points & images) is retained.
  • Comprehensive report with maps & images
  • Interactive ArcGIS map


Civilscan provides an inspection service to accurately pinpoint underground pipes and cables for any organisation or individual that needs to dig underground or survey & map buried utilities.

Our locating services include electronic and ground penetrating radar technologies to scan below ground level and into concrete structures to AS5488. 1-2019 Subsurface Utility Engineering becoming an invaluable discipline which our range of services perfectly complement Locating & Mapping, Vacuum Excavation, Ground Penetrating Radar & Concrete Scanning, CCTV pipe inspection and mapping can all be utilised to provide a comprehensive and detailed report for your project.

Our vacuum excavation service utilises hydro blasting systems to deliver non-destructive excavation with a 7000l spoil tank capacity & 4000l of water available allows Civilscan to hydro excavate with fewer stoppages that come about by the need to replenish the water supply or where the spoil tank capacity is maximised when using smaller capacity plant.

Our potholing footprint is very small due to our pinpoint locating accuracy thereby reducing the need in most cases for slot trenching. This system reduces water usage, waste disposal, water & waste haulage and is therefore an extremely environmentally friendly solution saving our clients time and money.

Our plant is also capable of general hydro-vac works such as excavating post holes, footings, trenches & other excavations in and around buried utilities as well as extracting drilling mud generated by directional drilling activities.

We are able to utilise our hydro-vac combo plant to clean drains & pits too,

Our 2 channel ground penetrating radar equipment improves the detection of buried utilities with its overlapping frequency bands providing wideband capability for deep and shallow penetration.

Our concrete scanning tools can map rebar, PT and utilities including the detection of electrical cables set in the concrete. It can produce reports in 2-D & 3-D. Our CCTV pipe inspection equipment is suitable for many applications and our technicians comply with WSAA05.


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