CCTV Pipe Condition Inspection patching relining

CCTV pipeline inspection & condition assessments

What is a cctv pipe inspection?

A CCTV Pipe Inspection is the internal inspection of an underground pipe, typcally a gravity sewer or stormwater pipe using CCTV equipment. CCTV stands for Closed Circuit TeleVision.

  • Push rod & tractor cameras inspections from 150mm to 1500mm pipes
  • Sewer & Stormwater
  • WSAA05 Conduit Inspection & Reporting
  • WSAA05 Supervise & Report on conduit inspections.

CCTV pipe condition assessments are generally required by Local Council’s for a pre-construction & post- construction dilapidation report, pipeline management purposes such as determining the future lifespan of existing infrastructure, which may lead to inspections where the pipe maybe required to be relined or exumed and replaced. Pipe condition assessments are also required for new drainage construction prior to handover to the asset owner.

Our CCTV inspection service will systematically & carefully inspect a pipeline and report on its condition to WSAA05 standards using the above equipment.

High Pressure Drain Cleaning is required before a thorough assessment can be started so that all longitudinal & radial sections of the pipeline are free of debris prior to an inspection.

Professional pipe patching & relining services are also available